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A Neotia Arts Trust Initiative

TIS Platform was a curated presentation of dynamic outdoor sculptures and installations created by the leading artists of their generation in India, presented during the days of the event. Some of the highlights were:

Experimenter presents Rathin Barman

Treading The Mist by Abin Chaudhari (Following TIS 2016's theme, Revive. Reinvent. ReLove, the interactive sculpture is conceptualised to represent a metaphorical journey from the mists of contemporary influences to the clarity of traditional roots of design.)

Superfly by Lekha Washington presented by Emami Chisel Art (An autumn of leaves, a dying dance, finally free in the wind, this piece spoke of moments caught in time and transience.)

JSW presents Narayan Sinha’s The Lost Metaphor of Being (At the heart of this work by Narayan Sinha was the suggestion of an interplay of binary forces and hope that holds consciousness from being deleted forever.)

The Prism by Sawansukha, conceptualized and created by Amitra Sudan Saha, reflects the idea of the prism, as no two pieces are ever the same. One can compare the installation to a beam of white light emerging from a prism split into its component colours, just as in a prism.

PARTICIPATING GALLERIES: Ddartspace by Dolly Dabriwal | Emami Chisel Art | Exhibit 320 | Experimenter | Genesis Art | Latitude 28 | Nature Morte